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“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, that is to have succeeded.”


Ralph Waldo Emerson

SMA  bridges gaps and strengthens healthcare delivery along the continuum of our upstream and downstream partners.


SMA knows you are challenged to find on-site providers attuned to the unique demands of working with the post-acute and longterm populations you serve. Assurance of providers who are able to deliver outcome driven, consistent, quality care in the current climate of provider shortages are an increasing rarity.  


Providers who create a longitudinal fit with your organizational needs are integral to the success of care within your facility.  

The SMA Solution

  • Client-centered care and management

  • Delivers high patient, staff and administration satisfaction

  • Length of stay below 13 days

  • Hospital readmission below 12%

Mobile Services

Care Transitions

Nurse Practitioner Solutions

Skilled Nursing mobile solutions
Skilled Nursing Care Transitions healthcare solutions
Nurse Practitioner (NP) Healthcare Solutions

Whether it's multiple service providers across specialties you seek or just one, SMA can provide the expert staff for your assisted living facility. 


  • Wound Care

  • Geriatricians

  • Geriatric Psychiatrists

  • Psychologists


For more information, Contact Us.

SMA delivers coordinated and clinically excellent care to the recently-discharged patient with the goal of keeping them medically stable, and able to remain at home.


Our model provides care at home by a qualified nurse practitioner or doctor who will help guide the patient upon transition from hospital to home.


Our practitioner will address:

All concerns of the patient, examine the patient, coordinate care with home health, and reconcile medications. The summary of this care transition visit is forwarded to the primary care physician. As a result, we will achieve the triple aim of better health, better care, and lower costs. 


For more information, Contact Us.

NP Solutions  offers an intense focus on care quality, patient outcomes and recidivism. Some of those services include:


  • On-site NP 8 hr / day

  • 5 days / wk with physician back up

  • 24/7 phone back up

  • Providing care to all residents regardless of payor

  • Participating in IDT and other care coordination activities

  • Minimizing wounds, infections, falls, readmissions

  • Maximizing satisfaction & quality metrics


Other deliverables: palliative care program, pharmacy cost optimization, in-service lectures


For more information, Contact Us.

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