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One of the newer members of our mental health community, Neil is a staff psychiatrist at Exodus Oceanside's Crisis Stabilization Unit.

"The opportunity to be a psychiatrist at Oceanside crisis stabilization unit was what drew me to SMA", he says, adding "The crisis stabilization unit has been in the County's plans for several years. I was previously Medical Director at the North County crisis stabilization unit at Tri-City Medical Center, so this was a natural segue."

Neil continues "Anyone even remotely connected to the medical field understands how easy it is to be torn in 14 directions at once...and EVERYTHING feels like it's a priority. But Senior Medical Associates is different. Here I've discovered an organization that allows me to focus on just one thing – providing medical care to the patient in front of me at that moment.

Neil enjoys helping patients as a psychiatrist, seeing it as a chance to come in to work every day and help North County residents. "All I want is to be the best version of psychiatric professional that I can be!" Senior Medical Associates provides that opportunity, enabling Neil - and everyone at SMA - to do what they enjoy the most while operating smoothly every day.

In his free time, Neil enjoys spending time with his wife and family, going for a daily bicycle ride up and down the coast, and playing as much golf as he can. "Of course, the biking and the golf kind of got set aside during the recent torrential downpours," he laughs, noting "I'm now making up for lost time.

Hmmmm...Enjoying your work, your associates, and the organization you're affiliated with. What a concept, huh?

Connect with Neil Richtand directly at


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