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Achievement in Assertive Psychiatry

Gabrielle Cerda, M.D.

Gabrielle Cerda, M.D. is a former Chief of Staff of Psychiatry at Rady Children’s Hospital and Clinical Professor at UC San Diego. She serves a complex, underserved psychiatric population with a rapier sharp clinical acumen, tirelessly parrying and charging her way to victory for her patients every day. Dr Cerda has a rare passion for both helping patients overcome obstacles, and for organizational excellence. When not sharing her infectious laughter with our team she can be found noticing the humanity and goodness in those around her, bolstering morale for our challenging mission ahead.

This month we are very proud to promote Dr Cerda to Medical Director of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Psychiatry at SMA. Congratulations Dr. Cerda, and En Garde San Diego! Another great SMA leader is coming your way.

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